Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fashion Update #6: Pocahontas

Flit: I have learned that the best way to cheaply add a certain color to an outfit is to wear a headband, preferably purchased from the dollar store. This pink one was one from a set of 3, and worked perfectly for this colorful hummingbird outfit.
Pocahontas: I struggled to find something the exact color of Pocahontas' dress. This shirt is nearly 10 years old and I never wear it anymore. This may be the last time I wear it. My necklace worked pretty well though, I think.
John Smith: If there's any outfit I can do easily, it's one that consists of all blue. :) Since skinny jeans are in, it's super easy to assemble "men in boots" outfits (see Prince Eric & Gaston).
Meeko: Please excuse my reddish nose. It was cold that day and I take all my pictures with the window open.This is definitely the most shades of gray I've worn in one outfit before.
Thomas: I happened to have this green beret that I bought at St. Vinny's for $1 for an Oscars-themed party at which I wrote a Hugo-inspired outfit. It's really the only thing about my outfit that was accurate for Thomas' look. I'm proud of myself for keeping the hat on all day.


  1. i love your meeko outfit! :)

  2. Wow, I love this!! Pocahontas is my favourite fairy tale from my childhood and I adore how you inspired, made it your way and you look great :)) you're beautiful...