Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fashion Update #5: The Lion King

"Is that a challenge?!" Yes! I knew The Lion King would be difficult. Actually I had a couple of other outfits planned but due to the personal issues I had to attend to, I couldn't make them happen. So, here are the four that I did wear that week!
Simba: The only thing I had in the right color for Simba's orange-yellow fur was this old tshirt/hoodie. It's not my favorite thing to wear, but I had to do an outfit for the main character!
Nala: I don't have anything that's the exact color of Nala's fur, so my khaki blazer and tan shoes were as close as I could get. The green earrings help since one of Nala's distinguishing features is her green eyes.
Rafiki: No, I did not have anything blue on my butt.
Zazu: Do the earrings look familiar? :) Apparently this interpretation was a little too far-fetched for my fashionista friend Grete, whose complaints I've mentioned before. But, oh well. I tried.


  1. awww, I like them. Zazu is my favorite outfit!

  2. I have an orange and tan scarf that would have been perfect for Lion King fashion! I wish I had lent it to you! But adorable, as always. :)