Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fashion Update #1: The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was full of potential for fashion! Here are my looks:
Flounder: Admittedly, the yellow tank top is new, but to be fair, it was only $5 and it's a fairly basic item I can easily reuse. There is a LOT of yellow in Disney characters so I'm sure you'll be seeing this tank again soon.
Prince Eric: It was 80 degrees out that day so I did not keep the whole outfit on the entire day. The boots were too warm! This is probably the most accurate outfit of the week. I have it down to a tee, except maybe the blue eyes. Also I'm pretty sure Eric didn't wear silver hoop earrings.

Cameos by Grete, who blogs her Tie Tuesday outfits and from whom I borrowed the white shirt, and my coworker Eric, who was walking by at the time. He makes me look like a midget. I thought it was fitting that I have an Eric in my Prince Eric picture. Although, he looks kind of annoyed and/or confused.
Ursula: I have two versions of Ursula. On the left is the "day" look that I wore to work. On the right is more of an evening look, with my fun purple tights. In both outfits I got to wear my new black patent pumps! It's fun dressing as a villain.
Ariel: I didn't have any purple seashell bikini cups so I went with something a bit more conservative. haha. Since Ariel's red hair is such an important part of her look, I threw in a red headband (dyeing my hair red would have been a bit drastic.)


  1. I love it all!
    I love Eric's face in that pic!

  2. love this post! :)

  3. the shell necklace is a very nice touch!!!