Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fashion Update #3: Beauty & the Beast

This week was super fun! I created some new outfits that I'd never thought to wear before. Also, how do you like my haircut? :)
Belle: I went with a Peasant Belle look; Evening Gown Belle is a bit too fancy for my wardrobe. (I do have a yellow dress, and I'm saving it for Jane in Tarzan!). This dress is actually a light denim material, but I think it's close enough.
Beast: I've actually never worn this blue wrap sweater with a collared shirt underneath, so this was a new combination for me. It's very preppy. My shoes are kind of old and torn, but I thought they had a sort of "beastly" fur look. Appearance #2 of my new yellow tank!
Fifi (aka Babette): My coworkers told me I looked much too conservative for Fifi, but I told them I was the feather duster version, who's basically a stick. Although my skirt is kind of fluffy, I realized it's actually my hair that resembles the feathers, haha. Also, I'm kind of loving this new headband I just got.
Gaston: I think this one might be my favorite from this week! Villains are fun. You can't see it well in the picture but I even have a golden yellow shirt underneath my red shirt, which should look familiar. I captured his outfit almost exactly. Except I'm lacking some guns. And chest hair.


  1. Ageed, you are adorable! We LOVE the Gaston outfit, perf!

  2. you have so many colors in your wardrobe!