Sunday, March 25, 2012

Renaissance, baby!*

Well, we've officially arrived. This is the Renaissance, folks! My absolute favorite Disney movies, the ones I grew up on and know best. Here are some of my Disnerdy plans for the next 10 weeks:

One of my current favorite blogs is, which is a Disney fashion blog that my friend Becky discovered and shared with me. The blog gave me the idea to dress in outfits inspired by characters from each of the Renaissance movies. Each week I'll post pictures of my outfits. (I expect the number of outfits per week will vary.) My goal is to use my existing wardrobe creatively without buying too many new items of clothing. Here's my Ariel outfit. :)

Every Sunday night I'll also be featuring special snacks based on the movie we are watching. This past Sunday, in addition to Mickey Mouse St. Patrick's Day cookies we had roasted seaweed while viewing The Little Mermaid (the seaweed is always greener, get it?). I have some very nerdy ideas for this, and I'm totally excited. :)

I'd like to invite you to offer ideas or write a guest post, since I'm assuming most of you also share with me a heightened familiarity with these films. Did you recently see a funny photo, an infographic, an interesting article? Do you feel passionately about a certain movie? Do you have special childhood memories you want to write about? Feel free to contact me with your ideas!

*Confused about which movies are included in the "Renaissance"? Check out the list on wikipedia. (My list is slightly different from the official, but more about that later.)

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