Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Renaissance Parallels Pt. 1: Main Characters

I'd like to say that I noticed similarities between all the Renaissance films after watching them consecutively for these past 3 months. But in reality, I created a highly extensive spreadsheet several years ago. Yes, I just admitted that here in the public blogosphere. I figure after 9 months of Disnerdy antics, I don't have much face left to save.

SO, I thought it was about time to turn that spreadsheet into some fun Disnographics! Here's my first edition of "Renaissance Parallels." This first set of Venn diagrams (should I call them RenVenns? Haha. Wow.) focuses on main characters.

I find it interesting that 5 of these 8 parallels are family-related, two of which have to do with father-child relationships. Also, Tarzan, the latest of the 9* movies I'm comparing, shows up 5 times as well. I suppose by the time they got to Tarzan, they just grabbed stuff from all the previous stories? In any event, you start to see how similar these movies are to each other when you look at them like this.

Coming up: sidekicks, songs, villains and a couple others if I can muster up the time. There are a LOT of parallels!

*Rescuers Down Under will not appear in this Disnographic series. It has so little of the same structure, which is why I've always said it doesn't count as Renaissance.


  1. Random: I'm preparing an inductive Bible study for Thursday on Mark 5, and I'm kind of going through the same thought process of similarities and parallels between the different stories and characters. It's really interesting to see the person who indirectly taught me OIA apply it (at least the observation part in this post) to Disney movies haha. Cheers.

    1. haha. if i had discovered my affinity for infographics while i was your staff worker, i probably would have made you tons of venn diagrams to teach you OIA. :) now it's all being wasted towards disney.