Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fashion Update #9.1: Mulan

I had another 6-outfit fashion week, so I'm splitting Mulan into two parts. :) Stay tuned for Mushu, Shang and Cri-kee!
Mulan: I found this flower pin lying around at home and I knew it would help me complete this outfit. I wore this during my Mulan dumpling party so the sweater didn't stay on very long. That day was hot. Plus I was running around with 20 people in my apartment! Good thing I took these pictures before the party.
Mulan as Ping: For Ping, I wore minimal makeup to look more like a boy, which is why I look so crappy in this picture. Also, I tried to tie my very short hair into a bun and was only mildly successful.
Shan-Yu: Shan-Yu always had his falcon with him, so I wore owl earrings. Owl, falcon - they're both birds of prey right? The striped sweater is mimicking his raccoon tail scarf thing.


  1. i like your face for Shan-Yu. Well, I always like your face.
    But...yeah. hehe.

    1. haha. glad you like my face! i always feel dumb making those 'serious villain' faces. but i feel like it helps me look the part better.

  2. i like your shan-yu look! probably because i like that striped sweater and the fact that you own owl earrings. :)

  3. Nice outfits! And just saying, you are really hot :p. Keep it up!