Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dumpling Dinner

I will never make dumplings for twenty people again.

Don't get me wrong, I loved that a record number of people came to watch Mulan. I suppose the homemade dumplings added an extra incentive for people to join me. But I really don't know why I made things so difficult for myself. I was chopping cabbage for an hour and a half, not to mention the several other hours of prep, cooking and cleanup! I was super stressed out that there wouldn't be enough food. When you host a potluck for mostly single people, you can't always count on everyone to actually bring something. Also, how in the world would 20 people even fit in my apartment?

Despite all the stress, I think the party turned out well. I'm glad everyone else enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed all the yummy Asian food people brought. But next time I attempt to host a party like this, I'm asking for help!

Here are some pictures from that night! I wanted to take more, but well, I was a little busy.
Everyone helped wrap the dumplings!
Kylene and Tiffany (my Asian friends) showed everyone how to do it.
Thanks to Tiffany and Kylene for helping with the frying too!
More dumplings & meatballs waiting to be cooked.
And there was plenty of food, even though I was stressed out that there wouldn't be enough! Especially excited about the MUSHU pork Kylene brought, and the ha kao (shrimp dim sum)!
Finally, it's time to eat!
Had to take this photo from the porch to show how many people were in my apartment.
Time to watch Mulan!

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