Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fashion Update #10: Tarzan

It's my final fashion post! It's been a fun 10 weeks. Tarzan was challenging. I mean, the main character is nearly naked! And most of the characters are all gray. Still, I think I did okay. :)

Jane: If you happen to own a yellow dress, as I do, Jane's look is really simple! I wore lavender earrings since I have no lavender ascot.
Tarzan: Well, I really didn't have much to work with here. And I was not about to wear a bathing suit or loincloth or any such thing. The wooden earrings are from Africa, which I think makes this outfit more legit, since the rest of it is kind of a stretch.
Tantor: Got this tunic for $12 at Target. And I dug out this really old pink pendant necklace that I haven't worn since high school! I thought it worked well since the inside of Tantor's ears and trunk are that pink color. The silver earrings were inspired by his tusks.
Clayton: An explanation about the tank top I wore underneath: there are lots of bananas in Tarzan, since it's a story about gorillas. I hate bananas. Clayton hates gorillas (or at least doesn't value them as living beings.) So, I wore my tank top that has a banana on it. If that's not inspired I don't know what is!
Terk: Really I could have been Kala or Kerchak too. But Terk's gray fur seems to match my gray blouse pretty well. I thought about giving myself a faux hawk or some kind of special hairdo, but I ran out of time. Actually I got a lot of compliments on this outfit that day. I guess it's because it's a little dressier.

And...that's the end of my fashion series! I'll do a summary/best-of post some time soon. Let me know your favorite outfits in the comments!


  1. i love the terk outfit. pretty color - purplish gray.

  2. I've really enjoyed your fashion series. So creative!