Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fashion Update #4.1: Aladdin

I had a record six outfits this week, so I'll be posting them in two batches. Here's part one!
Aladdin: This was by far the most casual look I've done yet. He is, after all, a street rat. I seem to have misplaced my MC Hammer pants, so my gray jersey gauchos were as close as I could get. Also my fez went missing, so the red headband made another appearance. hehe.
Jasmine: This is what I call "business" Jasmine (not to be confused with "Business Time" Jasmine..ahem.) At work I wore a black sweater over the tank top. My favorite part about this outfit are my earrings, which look pretty much exactly like the jewel in her headband. The slippers don't have much to do with her look, but I felt like they went with the outfit. (I really want to get a pair of those cool curly-toed shoes!)

Genie: Question: How many shades of blue can you wear in one outfit? Answer: At least four. :P I'm not sure I would wear the light blue sweater over the royal blue shirt again. But for this purpose, it worked.

Stay tuned for Magic Carpet, Jafar and Iago!