Sunday, October 23, 2011

#8: Awesome Alliteration for a Mediocre Movie

Make Mine Music!, 1946
watched October 12, 2011
This was the first time since I began this blog that I got the chance to watch one of the movies with kids. I took the opportunity last week while visiting my friend Lindsay, whose two girls (Lilly, 4 and Mia, 2) absolutely love Disney princesses. Unfortunately it wasn't one of the princess movies. But it was still fun! Seeing it through their eyes definitely affected how I experienced the movie for myself. The four-year-old, Lilly, was quite bored. I think she was confused as to why there was no story and that the scene kept changing every few minutes. She was also quite frightened by the wolf in the "Peter in the Wolf" clip. Mia on the other hand, seemed a little more curious. Her favorite scenes were any that had "horshies!" in them.  heehee.
i got to watch this one with two awesome girls, lilly and mia! :)

Well, we're dealing with another mish mash of shorts. Make Mine Music! is sort of a cheaper, less polished, pop version of Fantasia. The songs feature popular singers from the 40s, but beyond that there wasn't much to get excited about. I found myself feeling a little sleepy even though it was only an hour long! (Although, that may or may not have had anything to do with my lack of sleep earlier on during my vacation. What can I say? I'm old.)

I need to get creative in order to get us through these war-time movies... So I thought maybe for something different I'd try to summarize each segment into a single phrase or sentence. And in the same fashion as its title, let's make them alliterative. Just for fun. Try saying these five times fast!

(I've included links to Youtube videos of each clip, if you're curious to see if I got them right!)

Blue Bayou - A beautiful bird by the banks of the blue bayou
(Do bayous even have banks? oh well.)

All the Cats Join In - A pointy pencil produces props to prepare for prancing partners at the party!
(Look for the part where one boy won't dance with a girl until the eraser erases part of her butt to make her skinnier! Ughh.)

Without You - Weepy watercolor of willows in winter wash a windowpane
(I think this is the one that made me sleepy...)

Casey at the Bat - Casey caught a case of cocky, caused a catastrophe for his crew of comrades.

Two Silhouettes - A divine duet of dark dancers delicately dip and dart through a drove of decor.
(So, they weren't really that divine. This was one of the more boring segments. And there were quite a few.)

Peter and the Wolf - A foolish fellow and a few friends follow a fierce furry fiend into the forest.
(Musically I enjoyed this one the most, though the animation was less than stellar.)

After You've Gone - Illustrated instruments impressively improvise as imaginary individuals.
(Look for the weird fingers playing the piano that also look like female legs. Kind of disturbing.)

Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet - Handsome hat has a hankering to hang with his headgear honey.
(I though this scene was probably the most fun both in story and song.) 

The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met - Whopping whale wants to warble, when wishful wheeler-dealer whacks him, so he went to wonderland.
(I'm sure there could be some lesson in here about recognizing the talents in others and not squelching their opportunities to use them.)


  1. love the alliterative descriptions! :) spot on. :)

  2. My favorite one was also Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet. That was probably Mia's favorite too since they showed horsies at the end! :)