Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Person Disney Medleys

Thanks to Kylene for sharing these awesome one-person medleys. I love the girl version because 1) it's a cappella and 2) she has full make up and costume for each character/song, which is CRAZY! But Nick Pitera's is hilarious. I love the part when he's singing Ariel and the fake waves come splashing up behind him. HAHA.

Send me other cool Disney-related stuff and I may post them here! 


  1. when he first started singing belle's part, i thought he was just lip syncing and was like "this video's dumb. it's just some dude playing milli vanilli." then i realized it was really him! wow...he has a huge vocal range.

  2. i like how villain man looks when the girl and hero sing. Haha!