Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Disnerd Christmas

It's another Disnerd holiday! Christmas is a great opportunity to decorate, eat, exchange gifts, eat, watch Christmas movies, and eat (I am so overloaded with sugar from these past couple weeks it's ridiculous). So of course I hosted a Disnerd Christmas party!

First, I decorated my apartment with paper ornaments.These were super easy and cheap to make. I bought a few sheets of Disney paper, a few sheets of Christmas paper, and I was all set. Good thing I'm a scrapbooker and have access to things like paper trimmers and eyelets.
want to make these? check out this website
these are easy and don't require eyelets like the other ones. check out this website.
the finished look.
these ornaments have been up for a while now. I'm very proud of my resourcefulness. I just happened to have the right size ornaments to create these Mickeys!
Then there were of course, the snacks. Thanks to the 'regulars' who brought food! I made Sword in the Stone cupcakes, which basically consisted of frosted cupcakes with sword toothpicks stuck in them. I'd seen other examples of much more elaborate ones, but I didn't have the energy to do it.
Notice that the swords are Christmas colored. I had to pick them out of the box which also had orange, blue and purple toothpicks.
Tiana made Christmas "Sticky Mickeys" - so cute!
After the viewing of Sword in the Stone, we had a "Pink Elephant" gift exchange (Pink Elephant as a tribute to Dumbo, of course!). Here's my gift still in its wrapping. I found this cute Disney Christmas wrapping paper at the dollar store! I also have Winnie the Pooh but I have a thing about finishing a roll of wrapping paper before starting a new one. 
The gifts were mostly Disney themed. Christopher was thrilled when he opened his gift, a Disney Princess flavored lip gloss set. Other gifts included a Disney Guess Who? board game, a Mickey/Minnie rubber stamp and ink pad, Mrs. Potts and Lumiere figurines, and a Tangled coloring book (from me).

The most coveted gift (stolen twice) was a handmade Mickey ring and Minnie earrings, made by Tiana. How awesome are they? By the way, I was the one who got them in the end. hehe. Sorry, Becky. 

After everyone left I made the cookies that I had planned for all of us to decorate together but had given up on because the dough was so sticky. When I was still in the kitchen at 12:30am, I realized that, yup, this Disney blog has officially taken over my life! But um, at least the cookies turned out well!
Yes, I did cut out stencils that spelled "Disnerd" in the Disney font to use on these sugar cookies. As if I needed more proof that I am truly a Disnerd.
Disnerd Christmas goodie bags, which I had to give out the day after the party. Good thing most of my friends work at the same office as me!
I was so touched to receive gifts from Kylene and Vicki, a Disney Christmas singalong CD, and from Christopher and Tiana, a handmade Tangled lantern! Thanks guys!
It doesn't float, unfortunately. But it does light up!
The night also included bonus viewings of Mickey's Christmas Carol, featuring Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer Scrooge and cameos from several other characters like Mr. Toad, Mole and Rat, Willie the Giant and some Robin Hood peasants. We also watched Small One, another short that tells part of the real Christmas story.

I was exhausted at the end of the night but it was fun. Again, I enjoyed the opportunity to be creative. And I was excited that others joined in the fun by finding or making Disney-themed gifts.There's much fun to be had when you've got a theme and a small budget. :)

Have a Disnerd Christmas, everyone! 


  1. It was one of the funnest Christmas parties I've been to! Thanks again for hosting yet another Disnerd holiday! What shall we do to bring in Chinese New Year??? :)

  2. Mia and Lilly love that Tangled coloring book that you gave them. What a fun party! The handmade ring and earrings are so cute!

  3. It was definitely a fun party!
    You're the best Laura.

  4. @kylene - ooh i hadn't thought about chinese new year! it's the year of the dragon - maybe something mushu related? there are a couple of other dragons too but i think they are all villains. maybe everyone can come dressed as their favorite zodiac disney character.