Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I Hate Tinkerbell

(c) Disney
As far as Disney sidekicks go, Tinkerbell is definitely one of the most famous. She appears at the beginning of nearly every Disney movie (yup, that's her arching over Cinderella's castle at :21-24 seconds in the clip below), and is featured in the grand finale fireworks display at Disney World. More recently, she's had a series of spinoff straight-to-DVD movies. She has become her very own brand. How many other sidekicks can claim that?

You'd think such a popular Disney icon would embody beauty, goodness, loyalty, magic, etc. You'd think he or she would be a representation of Disney values.

But no. Not Tink.

Okay, I guess maybe she's got a couple of those things. She is quite pretty, I'll give her that. Definitely one of the, ahem, curviest female characters thus far. And she does possess an unending share of magic. Just a little bit of the pixie dust that emanates from her body launches people, and ships, into flight.

But good or loyal? Very questionable, in my opinion. There's no doubt that she loves Peter Pan. But this same emotion drives her completely out of control in every other way. She's possessive, violent and moody when it comes to anyone or anything that comes between her and Peter. Without thinking she encourages the Lost Boys to attack and kill Wendy. She even betrays Peter to Captain Hook, hoping that Wendy might suffer as a result. In the end, yes, she saves Peter's life, but don't forget that she was the one who put him in danger in the first place.

On top of it all, and most importantly, she doesn't have any pants. I have very little tolerance for women who don't wear pants (or skirts/dresses, you know what I mean). I'm pretty sure there's a scene when you catch a little butt crack on her. Um, what?! She's a FAIRY for goodness sake.

I am unconvinced that Tinkerbell should be allowed to grace the beginning of every single Disney film or be admired as a Disney symbol. Basically I just don't like her. Maybe I'm losing some fans here by writing this post, but I don't care! Bring on the critics! Tink stinks!

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  1. It's the non-speaking role in the movie that is even more problematic. Doesn't this just teach little girls to not only be passive-aggressive, but silent and silent treatment-giving as well? Here we thought Disney was all about encouraging kids to express themselves and discover themselves, and then we have a key character encouraging kids to remain silent and stew over their negative emotions. Tragic!

  2. Tinkerbell in Peter Pan is pretty obnoxious but her character in her own movie series is more likable. She's less sassy and mean and more kind and determined.

    Anyway, I also don't understand how Tinkerbell got so popular from her role in Peter Pan but the kids and I enjoy watching her new movies.

  3. @lindsay - yeah i think i have heard that her movies are quite different from how she's portrayed in peter pan. they'd have to make her nicer if she's going to be the main character. :)

  4. Its true that in the Peter Pan movie Tinkerbell was kinda nice. But when it comes to Disney fairies she is moody violent and so. More than that Disney fairies give importance to Tinkerbell than other fairies.As in truth I hate Tinkerbell.

  5. I am so glad there's someone else out there who hates the Disnified Tinkerbell as much as I do. Yeah, she's kind of insane with her whole Kill-Wendy thing, but if you want some really weird psychology, read the original Peter Pan. I had just finished it shortly before my friend and I reached this movie in *our* watch-through-the-Disney-animated-features-in-order-starting-with-Snow-White marathon (yes! we're Disnerds too!) and it made it even more difficult to handle Tinkerbell and her pantsless homicidal mania.

  6. well all disney characters are all 'sun shine and rainbows' ladida but tink is different she act like most REAL people these day do
    but i agree with the no pants thing she looks like a slut

  7. Um hello? Her dress is made out of a leaf! Tinkerbell is violent but the whole movie is violent with the pirates! And whatever happened to expressing yourself (Tinkerbell expresses herself perfectly well.) And though she is pants less she is not underwear less. And F.Y.I the film was made in 1953. And don't you dare compare old Tinkerbell to new Tinkerbell. Cause old Tinkerbell kicks new Tinkerbell but any day. And Tinkerbell is only a bad character when jealousy gets the best of her and she shadows a grown women in the 1950s (fairy form) she somewhat reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. But not here to start an argument just here to see how someone else veiws the topic.

  8. hi, laura!

    i wanted to write just to let you know that i'd linked to this post today but, in doing so, learned that you had come to the end of your disnerd adventures. it's a cool blog--and such a fun name--and, though, i'm a little late to the party, i think you should know just the same. here's my post; i think you'll see how your piece fit in. :)

  9. You misunderstand the original Disney Tinker Bell! There is a reasonable explanation for her one mood at a moment personality. Fairies, being so tiny, can only hold so many feelings at a time; they're not known for nuance ;)
    As for her clothing, good God but it's bad enough that human females wear pants (they really do look better on men) - fairies look terrific in leaves.

    Incidentally, TB was not modeled on Marilyn Monroe, but on Margaret Kerry.

  10. She has the cutest little body. Her butt is perfect!

  11. We shouldn't hate on Tinkerbell remember she is just a cartoon and so she doesn't have a real choice to be good or evil. She is what whatever Disney wants her to be.