Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rules for my blog

I work well when there are rules and guidelines to follow, even if I’m the one who sets them. I thought it might be good to start my blog by listing out some general guidelines for myself, just so I have some direction when I write, and so you readers know what to expect. :)

  1. This blog will primarily be about the actual films, not about all of Disney. The reason for this is because it gets a too complicated if I try to incorporate all the other aspects of Disney (the amusement parks, business models, TV channel, etc.) I don’t care as much about that stuff, and frankly, I don’t really feel like doing the research!
  2. I’ve chosen to watch only the animated films listed as the ‘official’ animated motion pictures. While there are many other Disney movies, television shows and other programs, some of which are live-action, it’s really the animated features that are the most well-known and most clearly represent Disney’s brand. Plus, this gives me something to aim for. It would take forever to watch every single movie and show! (Plus, I really have no patience for the more recent shows on The Disney Channel like “Wizards of Waverly Place” - ugh. I suppose I don’t love everything Disney.)
  3. Anything is game within the films: story, characters, music & lyrics, animation and cinematography, voice talent, “easter eggs” (fun facts/trivia that may be hidden in the films), favorite lines or dialogue.
  4. Inevitably, parallels will emerge as I watch more and more of the films. I may use some entries to talk about a set of characters (for example: “villains” or “damsels in distress” or “sidekicks”), or a set of films, songs, etc. I'm particularly looking forward to this once I get to the Renaissance era! 
  5.  It is more than likely you will see an infographic or two pop up now and then. I can't help it, I think in infographics now. Blame it on the day job.
  6. I intend to draw themes from these films that relate to the Gospel. This does not mean that I believe this was the way the films were intended to be interpreted, or that it’s necessarily how they should be interpreted. But I think as a Christian engaging in culture, it is always good to go back to the Gospel, and make that the center of my interpretation and critique of all cultural things.   
  7. It is okay and encouraged to make fun of the movies. Remember, I have impressive sarcastic wit and I’m not afraid to use it.  
  8. This is a personal blog, and I will be expressing my own opinions and thoughts. I’m not claiming to be the expert on any of these movies, and definitely not on their philosophical, theological or spiritual implications. I will be writing from my own personal experiences with these films--how they impacted me when I first saw them, or how they currently impact me as I watch them now.  
  9. I’d love participation on this blog. Even just in the past couple days I have learned that many of you out there have an interest in what I'm doing. Hopefully throughout the blog I will post questions (and maybe trivia questions?) and ask for your thoughts. Perhaps some of you might even like to write a guest post about a particular favorite film of yours. Also, I intend for my viewings to be open to anyone who wants to join me. As of now I plan on watching them on Sunday nights. If you're interested please let me know in the comments or privately and I'll make sure you get wind of when these viewings are happening. Let’s make this fun!

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