Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heigh ho, heigh ho, the dwarfs still steal the show!

There will probably be several posts for future movies about the music, an integral part of the Disney animated movie formula. (The best ones are musicals. It’s just the truth!) Fun fact - Snow White was the first movie to ever release a soundtrack. Think of all the great soundtracks in movie history (Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, to name a few of my faves.) -- they owe it all to Snow White!

I am not really a fan of the theme song, “Some Day My Prince Will Come.” It bothers me that Snow White was so passive about her man, and that she felt the need to burst into song about it! First of all, they didn’t even know each other, so why was she waiting for him? And second - where the heck was the prince all that time after their first encounter? He wasn’t very helpful when the Queen was trying to kill her. How did she know that he could make her happy forever? Ridiculous. The other issue is that Snow White’s voice is quite shrill and over-vibratoed. Definitely not my style. Sorry, Snowy.

Once again, it's the dwarfs who win me over. Before I watched this movie again, the only song that I had remembered was Heigh-Ho. It’s quite catchy, conveniently has about 8 words total (7 if "heigh-ho" counts as one word), and even has a whistling part in it (if only I could actually whistle). I enjoy the multi-part harmony of the dwarfs as well. Their march home from work has become a very iconic scene.


(Wouldn’t it be awesome if jewels came out of mines all sparkly like that?)

Snow White’s soundtrack was quite elaborate for Disney’s first ever feature length film. It has more songs than some of the more recent musicals (I think there are 8 songs in total). Yes, the style of music is not quite my taste, but I have to say I admire Walt Disney for taking such great care in incorporating songs that carried the story along and for setting a precedent for music’s essential part of the movie experience.

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  1. Yeah, I agree, her voice is really high and shaky...don't like it.