Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Flynn Rider!

Get ready. Here comes the smolder.
I just realized that today is Zachary Levi's birthday. No, I don't have it written in my calendar or anything creepy like that! But, it is kind of awesome that his birthday is exactly a week after mine. Just sayin.

I thought I'd celebrate since he is kind of the reason why my blog is called Disnerd Adventures. So, here is a collage of some of my favorite screen caps of Flynn Rider. I'm kind of loving the one where Maximus is chomping down on his thigh. Hilarious. 

Happy Birthday Zachary Levi/Flynn Rider! Yes, I know one of you is an actor I will never meet and the other is a fictional character with unusually large forearms and shoulders. But that doesn't stop me from addressing you directly as one person!

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  1. Haha! Well I enjoyed looking at the picture collage of Flynn Rider. I'll have to show Mia when she gets up from her nap. :) We didn't meet Zachary Levi but we met Flynn at Disney World!