Thursday, September 20, 2012

Disnerd Fashion: A Little Mermaid Family

Since she can't be at my big party this week, my longtime friend Lindsay dressed herself and her family in Disnerd fashion for my birthday! Thanks Lindsay, these pictures make me so happy!

Check out their amazing and adorable Little Mermaid outfits! Descriptions are directly from Lindsay's email.
Lilly, Mia, Lindsay & Dave
Lindsay - Ariel: green gaucho pants, modest purple tank with a cream (or pearl-y) colored sweater, pink flowers in hair, necklace with bronze/gold colors and pearls, and red shoes to represent Ariel's red hair. I chose Ariel because I had the right clothes... just ignore my big preggo belly.

Dave - Sebastian: red shirt and red oven mitts. [note from Laura: I loved the oven mitts! Hilarious!]

Lilly - Flounder: couple shades of blue, blue tank has some ruffles that remind me of ocean waves or sunlight glistening on the water, yellow skirt and a yellow headband.
Mia - Max (Prince Eric's dog):  white dress, white leggings, furry sweater vest, white headband, and a grey and black scarf to represent the grey fur on Max and his black nose.
Haha! We had fun getting dressed and taking the pictures. I'm attaching two pics from our photo shoot but check out Flickr to see the rest:

This whole Disnerd thing has been fun to follow and fun to participate in too! :)  I'm proud of you for finishing and just in time to have a big celebration on your birthday. It's like the grand finale!

Happy Birthday!!!
Love, Lindsay

Wanna celebrate my birthday with me? Take a picture of your Disnerd fashion outfit and post it on my Facebook page


  1. We really did have a lot of fun doing this! Hope you have a blast at your party this Saturday!

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