Friday, August 31, 2012

#BONUS: Enchanted

Enchanted, 2007
watched August 19, 2012

Thus far I've been pretty strict about keeping to the official Disney animated canon. But I could not resist including Enchanted! Even though it's only partially animated, it probably has more in common with the animated films than Disney's live action stuff. Enchanted has the perfect blend of amusing self-mockery and the classic "Disney magic" that makes Disney movies what they are. I love that the film can make fun of its makers while still being thoroughly enjoyable and fun.

Since this isn't an official review, I'm sharing seven reasons why you should watch Enchanted, preferably multiple times:

7. Amy Adam's spot-on performance - You can't deny that Amy Adams has pretty much mastered the whole Disney princess thing. Though technically not a princess, her over-the-top, optimistic romantic idealism exudes exactly what is needed to play Giselle. My goal in life is to figure out how to use her ridiculously awesome hand gestures in public without freaking people out. I haven't been successful yet.

6. James Marsden's singing voice - Did anyone else know he could sing? Man can that man sing. I have a weakness for guys who can sing. SIGH.

5. Patrick Dempsey's overabundant tufts of hair - I have a theory that within his ridiculously thick locks of hair this guy has secret invisible womanizing lasers that target unsuspecting females. You could hide a forest in that hair.

4. James Marsden's piercing blue eyes - I think I could stare into his eyes forever. At least until I cried from the beauty of his voice, because obviously if I'm in his presence he is singing to me. There's pretty much no question there.

3. Lots and lots of Easter Eggs - Disney movies are full of clever references, and Enchanted probably has the most, including cameos by Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel) as Robert's secretary and Paige O'Hara (voice of Belle) as a soap opera star. I'm sure I have yet to discover all of the movie's secret references, but one of my favorites is Pumbaa, who appears in one of the very last scenes lining up to get Pip's new book.

2. One of the most epic musical numbers I've ever seen - "That's How You Know." Last time I was in Central Park I was really hoping to see an extremely limber and diverse crowd of people break into song and dance. It didn't happen. But I made up for it by breaking into song all on my own. I think Giselle would have been proud.

1. James Marsden's jaws - that man's jaws could slice through steel. Or at least a really delicious homemade apple pie. Yummy.

There you have it, Disnerds. Some really legitimate, thoughtful reasons why you should watch Enchanted. Clearly I had no choice but to include this film in my blog project.


  1. Don't tell Ryan but I echo your James Marsden comments. :)

  2. I somehow missed this post.
    One day I'd like to spend the day acting all cray-cray like Giselle.
    Where can i find a big poofy dress???