Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Renaissance Parallels Pt. 4: Sidekicks

So you wanna be a sidekick.

Sidekickery is a vital job in the Renaissance. Your first order of business is to tell your hero why you're so awesome. You should do this with great panache - song and dance is a must. After you've gotten the gig, your next task is to tell your hero why he's so awesome. (Heroes tend to have identity crises. They're high maintenance like that.) After that, finding some other talent or way to help out is a good idea. If you can fly, you're pretty much set. Otherwise, you should try to work on bossing other sidekicks around. That way you establish some authority. It also helps if you have a great sense of humor, know how to train your hero for battle, or hold a position as the king's right hand man.

If all else fails, being chubby and cute works just fine.


  1. "tarzan" having only one place on that entire spread is yet another reason i think it doesn't belong in the renaissance, but begins the "modern age" as we've dubbed it. (i know pocahontas only has one and rescuers down under doesn't have any, but they are duds, and in the midst of the age, not at one of the ends.)

    just sayin'. :D

    1. i dunno. tarzan is quite prominent on the main characters charts:
      and the villains chart as well. i still think it belongs in the renaissance. :)