Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 10 obscure Disney baby names (GIRLS)

This list comes from one of those ridiculous, yet genius, lunch conversations at work. Two of my coworkers, Matt and Sarah, are having a baby girl later this year. We've all been making guesses and suggestions as to what name this baby should have. I'd like to give my input on some lesser known Disney characters who would make great namesakes for the baby.

1. Cleo, goldfish in Pinocchio
Why it works: It's actually a cute name. Plus with the last name Kirk, it'll be alliterative. 
Suggested nicknames - Clee, O, fishy

2. Katrina von Tassel, love interest in the Ichabod Crane story
Why it works: Well, if you really want her to sound Dutch, this is the name for you. It must have the "von Tassel" in there though... perhaps as a middle name?
Suggested nicknames: Kat, Trina, Tassel, Tassy

3. Adelaide, owner of Duchess & kittens in The Aristocats
Why it works: These southern-sounding old lady names are quite trendy these days.
Suggested nicknames: Addy, Ad, Adsy, Lady

4. Eilonwy, princess in The Black Cauldron
Why it works: Forget Ariel, Tiana or Jasmine. This princess packs a punch. No one will ever be able to pronounce her name. But once they figure it out, they won't forget it!
Suggested nicknames: Ei (pronounced eye), Lon, Lonny, "A Long Way"

5. Hen Wen, magical pig in The Black Cauldron
Why it works: Why wouldn't you want to name your kid after a magical pig? 
Suggested nicknames: Hen, Henny, pig

6. Marahute, giant golden eagle in The Rescuers Down Under
Why it works: It's definitely unique, and quite fun to say aloud. Try it. (pronounced Mara-HOO-tay)
Suggested nicknames: Mara, Mar, Mary, Marie, Hute, Hutie

7. Sarabi, Simba's mother in The Lion King
Why it works: when you're cross with her, you can yell, "SaRAA-BEEEE!" like Scar does in one of the last scenes. Also, it'd be like Sarah the 2nd, Sarah B. Get it?
Suggested nicknames: Sara (pronounced Suh-RAH), Robbie, Bee, Bee-Bee

8. Nakoma, Pocahontas' best (human) friend
Why it works: Hello, multiethnicity!
Suggested nicknames: Kom, Koms, Komie, Koma?

9. Laverne, one of Quasimodo's gargoyle friends, in The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Why it works: SURELY, this is a classic name.
Suggested nicknames: Lav, Lav-Lav, Verne, Vernie.

10. Arista, Attina, Adella, Aquata, Andrina, OR Alana, Ariel's sisters in The Little Mermaid
Why it works: "A" names are on their way back in, I'm sure of it.
Suggested nicknames: you could call any of these A, or, maybe "that other sister." Perhaps this would work better for a 2nd child. Clearly Aquata is the most timeless of these choices. Quats, Quattie?

Any requests for a boy edition? Anyone you know expecting a boy?

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