Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year of the Mushu!

Chinese (Lunar) New Year was never a big celebration in my family, probably because of our Filipino cultural heritage (where January 1st is a much bigger deal). But I thought it was fitting to at least celebrate the Year of the Dragon in Disnerd style, because Mushu the dragon comes from the only Disney film that takes place in China! How fortuitous!

In case you can't see the characters in the zodiac I created very well, here's the list:
  • Dragon: Mushu, Mulan
  • Snake: Kaa, The Jungle Book
  • Horse: Maximus, Tangled
  • Sheep/Goat: Djali, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (there aren't any sheep in the Disney films, unless you count the time that Genie transforms into a sheep and tells Aladdin, "Alright you baaaaad boy, but no more freebies!"
  • Monkey: Abu, Aladdin
  • Rooster: Panchos Pistoles, The Three Caballeros
  • Dog: Bolt, Bolt
  • Pig: Pumbaa, The Lion King
  • Rat: Mickey Mouse! (Mickey's not a rat but he's way cuter.)
  • Ox: Maggie, Home on the Range (technically a cow, there are no male ox in any of the Disney movies)
  • Tiger: Rajah, Aladdin
  • Rabbit: Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh
If you're unfamiliar with Chinese zodiac, check here to find out what year you are. I'm year of the dog.

Happy New Year! Xin ni kuai lok! (This is how you would say it in my dialect, Fukien.)


  1. Dang this is so awesome. I don't understand how people like you make this by themselves...I don't remember Rajah...why not Tigger? Maybe Thumper for the rabbit?

    1. @caleb - how can you not remember rajah? aladdin is one of the best disney movies ever! :)

    2. True, Aladdin is one of the best disney movies ever :D .